Strategic will:
Strong of a multinational technological contribution and long experience of its founders, the company Univers ACIER could record a considerable growth, with the passing of years, and monopolize an appreciable market share; what was worth the privilege to him to sign, in 2007, a convention of investment with the Moroccan State (nearly 1 billion dirham’s) for the creation of an integrated steelworks, baptized “the STEEL-WORKS”.

It is within the framework of the development of its activities, by integration upstream (in order to make safe its provisioning and to consolidate its position on a market in full expansion) that Univers Steel has just completed work of its prestigious integrated steelworks, composed of:

  • Steel-works for the production of the billet, containing scrap.
  • A rolling mill for the transformation of the aforesaid the billet into concrete-reinforcing steel and wire rod, all diameters and nuances confused.
  • Equipment integrating new technologies, treatment recovery of water, ashes and dust and this, in the strict respect of the standards of the environment.

By this investment, Univers ACIER aims increasing its production capacity and at widening its concrete-reinforcing steel product range and it to answer a request more and more growing, have regard to the socio-economic development of our country and the importance of the large building sites of infrastructure initiated through all Kingdom.

Concretization of the project allowed the company Univers ACIER to carry out an annual production of 800.000 tons Concrete-reinforcing steel and to occupy, consequently, the rank of second national producer of the long steel products.

Two dimensions come to supplement this vision.

  • On the one hand, an active contribution with the modernization of the processes of construction, by the enrichment of the offer of products and services likely to facilitate the control of the building sites and to improve the costs and the deadlines of them.
  • In addition a considerable attention with safety in all its aspects. Its products arm the structures of the infrastructures and the buildings, as well public as deprived, and take part directly in the safety of the people in the duration.

Priority is thus given to an absolute respect of the standards concerning its products and its services. The safety of the people intervening at all the stages of its activities receives the same attention.

Universe ACIER finally sticks to carry on the best level the qualification of its personnel in all dimensions of its activity.

Four major orientations:

Universe ACIER translates this strategic will by some fundamental orientations, in a permanent preoccupation with an operational excellence:

  • To reinforce its advance of competitiveness by the costs, being as well of its provisioning as the unit of its processes
  • To continue the enrichment of its offer while bringing to its Moroccan customers the complete range of products and services which they are in right to wait, including by facilitating the introduction of new techniques of construction to Morocco
  • To increase its production capacity regularly in order to answer the awaited dynamism of its markets
  • Continuously to develop competences of its personnel

Carrying development projects:

These orientations result in important projects. After its successful industrial launching, the steel-works of Sidi Hajjaj profit thus from a complete program of improvements aiming at making still progress its energy consumption and its output, on line with the characteristics of the best world steel-works. Each of the two rolling mills sees its capacities being reinforced by the realization in the course of specific projects.

In Tit mellil that in Sidi hajjaj, to allow to widen the range of products of the two rolling mills while increasing its potential of production. The continuation of the deployment of technology makes it possible to accelerate the production of small diameters with a productivity improved of the rolling mill.

In the plan so much of the control of provisioning that environment, universes steel and the ONE hope to quickly concretize their partnership project in the production of wind energy when the final decisions of the feasibility study are known, at the end one year of measurements of ground.


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